About Us

Over the past years and even now Arts has been underestimated in Nigeria and even in our school systems. The mentality of people towards the field of study is not something to write home about, the people feel that nothing tangible can be benefited from becoming an art student or studying art related course in the higher institutions. It is of general notion that all the good fortunes are embedded in the sciences, but this is a misconception that has eaten deep into the minds of Nigerians over the past oeuvre of time. No doubt that science has greatly contributed to the development of the human race, but that does not mean that other aspect of life apart from science should not be explored. The Arts and Humanities can also be explored because there are interesting and contributive courses in it that can also help greatly in the development of the society and the human race as a whole. The People do not give credence to this fact because they do not take out time to even know the importance of these profession. This is quite unfortunate that this is only inherent in Nigeria. It is of a truthful fact that these Arts and Humanity professions are studied in Nigeria but they are not regarded as career prospect profession even by the government that institutes the study of the courses, because when those who venture to study these courses graduate from the higher institutions, they do not have places where they can get jobs but they are fewer compared to the space given to graduates from science courses.

It can be said that only few organizations have decided to take the bull by the horn, by trying to promote the Arts and Humanities but their voice is not heard very well, for even as their intentions are good, information is not well passed across of the existence of their activities and so for that their good work does not get to its root because the people who their activities and so for that their good work does nota get to its root because the people who their work is meant for are not well reached. A host of these and many other problems has called for the need of the emancipation of the Arts and Humanities and this is the major reason for the introduction of C-DONS ARTS PROJECT.


The C-Don Arts Project is a platform where various forms of artistic acts are represented. This ranges from both performance and non-performance arts, that is arts that can be represented through the artistic talents of persons and those that can be represented theoretically. It is an initiative oriented program that is focused on bringing light to the Arts and the artistic works of art persons. This including all persons of varying; ages; locale, and religious background. This platform enables the artistic values of those who are engaged in any art course or job to be fully expressed outwardly to the public and it also facilitates a medium of communication between the Art persons in the society and this will enable information and knowledge sharing, this is to strengthen the link of art persons in the society.


  1. Promotion of arts and artist alongside their works.
  2. Teaching Art persons how to use the field of study to make a living.
  3. Changing the bad knowledge of people towards the arts and humanities courses.

With the platform's well organized program, those in the Arts will be publicized to the world and this can be a source of employment.