Terms and Conditions

The website is an Art or its equivalent related one that is aimed at promoting the Arts and all Art persons and it is also means of business orientation and self-actualisation programme for its members. The website through its management helps in the promotion of its members and their art works and as such all their details and work details are under the control and protection of CDONSART.

Its activities are done in accordance with the necessary legal requirements and any breach of its exclusive terms and conditions is a breach of the laws governing the activities of the website. All its members including the general public who for any reason or whatsoever has a course to make any dealings on the website or with its management shall abide by the terms and conditions governing this website. All these terms and conditions governing this website were fairly and reasonably construed in order to provide good services for its members and the general public.

This website is an evolving one in its own nature which is capable of changing in all that it entails at any given time and all its features are purely the innovations and creations of the cdonsart founder the website has the capacity to invite the public to do business with it and the public inviting her to do business with it.

This website involves the transfer and collection of monies and other valuables on it. All monies transferred out of the website or received by the website either by its management or its members are as a result of the transactions carried out on the cdonsart platform. Monies paid out of the platform or received into the platform can either be transacted via; online credit and debit transactions provided on the website, , bank and banker transactions and any other legal forms of money transfer. All valuables may be received by the website and its management or given out by the website and its management by; any form of courier services duly monitored by the website and its management or done by the people authorised by the website and its management. All monies and valuables and monies given out or received into the website are as a result of the activities done on the website or outside it which are necessarily incidental to the activities of cdonsart.

Monies and valuables that have been successfully received or given out by the website and its management to the appropriate and rightful owner are deemed to be the property of such a rightful owner. This will only not be possible in a peculiar situation that is needed to be reviewed by the website and its management.

The website is open to the advertisements of other products which are to be placed on it, in spaces given out by the website for such purpose. The websites advertising policy is based on the strict approval of the website and its management and also on the contracting terms agreed by the website management and any prospective advertiser, this which can either be based on monetary terms or not or other form of consideration.

All the information that will be passed across in the website will be controlled and monitored by the website and its management and shall be used by this website and its management in an appropriate way free from illegalities. All private related information that needs to be kept private will be kept so and those that are public related will be made so. There can be situations where the information of a member of the website will have to be given out to a third party and this will be based solely on when such is warranted due to the usage of the website features by such a member. Any loss or leak of information or theft of information that is on the website which is not as a result of the websites management negligence or which is not foreseen to happen will not be treated as a liability to be incurred by the this website and its management if such information is loss or leaked out to the public.

The registered account of members will be terminated if the rules of operating on the website are not followed and also if there is a breach of the terms and conditions of the website. There will also be termination of a registered account if a member’s act is not in conformity with the rules of the website and such act affects another member’s enjoyment of the website. There can also be termination of a members account if there is a need to review the website for the sake of any repairs but if this is to happen there will be appropriate warning passed to the member and provisions will be made to save the information of such an account.

All the features, contents and activities of this website are solely the work and innovations owned by the cdonsart platform and its management and are under the supervision and protection of the cdonsart website. No form of this website, its features or contents should be reproduced in any form or mimicked by any person as this is the intellectual property of the cdonsart founder imitini agoghene Clinton. A breach of this attracts the full sanctions imposed by the law. The art works of the members of the website are owned by such members but when such works are placed on the website as a result of the activities of the website such works can be used by the website for other lawful purpose but with the name of such an artist attached to it also these works are seen to be under the protection of cdonsart.

There shall be notifications sent across to those agreeing to these terms and conditions from time to time whenever there is a change to the terms and conditions or there is an addition to it or subtraction from it.

These terms and conditions may be subject to errors and the website will not be liable for such errors if they were based on innocent misrepresentation or typographical error and if spotted they will be corrected immediately.

Any further participation in the activities of the website after signing up for the website will be deemed as an acceptance of the websites terms and conditions and that there shall be a strict adherence to the rules of the website and henceforth you are bound by these terms and conditions and other rules of the website.


Freelance is a feature in the cdonsart website herein known as www.cdonsart.com, it is a platform where jobs are given to members of this website by the means of advertising of the request of labour by various employers.

The word freelance means the act of giving of one’s services to an employer who needs such services for a short period of time lasting from when the contract of service started till when the contract of service ends.

A freelancer is one who free-lances.

An employer is one or anybody who gives out job to freelancers and chooses the credentials of any freelancer he sees the job befits.

For anybody to qualify as a freelancer on this website he/she must be a registered member of this website and must have fulfilled other requirements needed by the website.

For anybody to be an employer on this website he/she must be 18 years and above and must show that he/she is financially worthy to give out a job, an employer can be anybody whether a member of the site or not.

A job that is openly announced on this website is seen to be done on the request of a person herein known by this website as an employer and he/she must have agreed to all binding terms and conditions of this website and contractual agreements in relation to this website’s freelance feature.

A final agreement by both an employer and a freelancer(s) to carry out a contract of service is a binding contract between parties and is enforceable by a court of law. Any job that is announced on the website is not a contract between any parties but a mere publication inviting prospective applicants to apply for the job.

An employer can choose to give a particular job to more than one freelancer base on the needs of such an employer, also an employer can give out more than a job but all such jobs are different contractual agreements.

This website and its management become automatic third party to any contractual agreement between parties, this is to monitor every contractual agreement and to make sure that contracts are devoid of illegalities either from the way the contracts are formulated or from the part of parties. Where there are any illegalities this website is to take every necessary legal action to correct such defaults.

All terms in a contractual agreement between an employer and a freelancer are to be filled in an online form which will be seen by both parties and this will be signed by both parties and also assented to on the website by means of an online acceptance.

Both the delivery of the described goods in the contract to the employer and payment of the stipulated fee for the service of the freelancer are to be carried out by this website and its management. A 10% commission is to be taken by the website and its management from the general agreed fee to be paid to the freelancer, thus the freelancer gets a total of 90% payment for his services.

Once there is a delivery and acceptance of the described goods in the contract to the employer and the payment of money to the freelancer for his service then the contract is seen to have come to a close.

Any other form of deal, negotiation or contract without the knowledge or outside the terms and conditions of this website and its management is seen not to be a contract carried out by this website and its management.

These terms and conditions are subject to review from time to time and this will be relayed to all members and visitors whenever such reviews are carried out, an acceptance of this terms and conditions means or shows that you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

On the Shop

The shop is an online marketing feature of this website herein known as www.cdonsart.com . The shop is a means for members of this website to sell their products to visitors to the website with relative ease.

The use of this shop feature of the cdonsart website is based strictly on membership to this website and fulfilment of other requirements needed by this website and its management.

Seller is use to describe a member of this website who is subscribing to the features of the shop and is eligible to sell his/her products on this website to prospective buyers.

Buyer is use to describe a visitor to this website who is interested in the buying of the products of different sellers on the website.

The website and its management will be the middleman to every sale between a buyer and a seller as this is to monitor all sales procedure done on this website. For every sale made on this website the website and its management will be taking a 10% commission for the service rendered to the seller, thus the seller gets a 90% commission for sale of his product.

The means of payment of all monies in relation to all sales will be done through this websites’ bank accounts or through the debit system on the website, while the delivery of already purchased goods will also be done by the websites’ management.

A final agreement by the seller to sell his/her product to a buyer that is reciprocated by the buyers' intentions to buy the product is seen as a contract between the parties and this website and its management as a third party to this contract of sale is to make sure that the contract is devoid of illegalities and where such are found, necessary legal actions to remedy such illegalities will be taken.

The relationship between the buyer, the seller and this website is strictly that of business and anything other than this in relation to the activities carried out on the shop will not be coddled.

These terms and conditions are subject to review from time to time by this website and its management and whenever this is done , necessary information will be passed to all sundry.